Sote Tech Queens at Django Girls’

After weeks of waiting, Django girls’ comes, an opportunity of training women into programmers and designers.

Starting with an orientation party late evening of 25th November 2016

Next day we had an early start. In the workroom every girl typing away, 50 0f them. Language HTML and Python with an ambitious goal of making a website in a day. The start looked puzzling but the more we continued tasks seemed to get easier and exciting. Believe me, programming does not require an IT back ground neither is it a male dominated sector; all you need is passion and a focus.

Hours rolled by so fast but by late evening, all my team mates Liz and Valentine had created their first ever website and a blog. Of course much credit to our tutors. Smiles everywhere and especially with well-deserved certificates and a promise to keep coding. The Sote tech queens now have additional skills. Lined up for next year 2017 are boot camps and outreach in our girls schools and universities in Voi and Mombasa. Thank you Andela and Django Girls, we want to walk with you in this journey.

Sote tech Queens receiving their awards and certificates after participation

Fun, Fun, Fun is always fun after every work and achievements.

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