What a day!! On 23rd of January 2016 Sote Hub hosted a start-up presentation event. This happened to be the second start-up evaluation. James Ndiga and Stanley Ndagi were the judges this time round. A total of eleven start-up were evaluated.
The day started at a rather slow pitch as many people had not yet arrived. People from all corners of Kenya ranging from Mombasa to Nairobi came in later on. Some university students from TTUC also came in with amazing start-up ideas. The entrepreneurs got good pieces of advice from the judges and they were also recommended to potential partners.
Finally James gave his final remarks and comments. He also recommended an amazing format to power-point design in terms of slides arrangement. The topic were on introduction, problem, solution, target market, market and sales strategy, a one year sales projection and lastly the ending slide.
Stanley also gave his remarks and comments. He also introduced the Andela school of coding to the audience.
The event was a major success. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the third which also happens to be the final evaluation in march. The top five will receive a maximum of two thousand dollars as starting capital. I can’t wait!!!

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