Understanding markets and customers is the bedrock on which business planning and strategy are built. Without knowing your customers’ needs and wants or understanding demand, your business will be under constant threat from competitors and may be failing to extract the maximum value from your market. Are you are aware of this, if yes so how do you work it out?

Sote hubs latest training took place on 24th of February focusing on pricing and market research. The event was facilitated David Ogiga Sote hubs director and was attended more than 20 participants.

During the session, Startups were introduced to the concept of pricing and research which helps them to understand how to do sales and marketing.

The interactive training helped them to understand various type of research such as primary and secondary research. To further enhance the startups knowledge, they had group discussion and learnt how to develop google survey forms that are useful when conducting market research for their products. The hand on skills on google survey was cherished the startups and their looking forward to develop their own individual startup google forms.

The next event will be on design thinking where startups will learn design strategies and principles and develop competitive edge on products on the same note we are looking forward to host more participants.

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