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Startup Fire Up Premiere Launch, A Huge Success at Sote Hub

On 15th September Sote Hub held the first edition of STARTUP FIRE UP, an event set to rejuvenate not only the start-up members  but also open to the public.

This event will be held every two months and to feature high level speakers locally. At this premier launch organised Nayla Hatimy, we hosted three brilliant, young and great Speakers Frank Tamre, C.E.O of Early camp and cofounder Moringa School of Coding; Collins Oduor Principal Consultant at Cyberpro Africa and iLab Africa and Chis Orwa, Head Data Analyst at Brave Venture Limited and formerly at iHub, same capacity.

The Workshop

Frank Tamre, took the early stage dissecting the perennial topic ‘’Execution of Ideas’’. Very engaging discussions, Frank used his own life experiences resonating with the over 60 participants drawn from Sote Hub membership, Taita Taveta University, Coast Institute of Technology, County Government, local business and the community.
He expounded on the essence of time management, starting with or without capital, the sacrifices, knowing your customers very well, being deliberate, and being hungry for success, avoiding too much information and dedication.

He pointed out that real hustle and hard work was the baseline of moving forward and RESILLIENCE was going to be a compulsory price in the journey of success.

Data Importance

Second came Chis Orwa.  Chris narrated his experiences setting up various start-ups and meeting challenges and failing along the way. Chris acknowledged one of the mistakes many startups make is failure to consider Data prior and during execution of ideas. Mr Orwa, an avid reader and a blogger, took the house through a few basics of data science and the essential roles of the same in problem solving, encouraging the start-ups to focus more on solving the deterministic problems. You can keep up with Chris Orwa’s blog here

Cyber Security

After lunch break, Collins Oduor, a Cyber Security Guru took over. In a humorous engagement, Collins broke down lot of Internet security aspects and their revelations at individual, business, corporate and government levels.

He expounded on the often mentioned yet misunderstood element in cyber security, hacking. Collins reminded the participants that some security aspect however complex could be breached easily through social engineering and the greatest threat of any form of technology boiled down to human beings.

Taita Taveta represented

This event was also attended Chief Officer Trade and Community Affairs at the County Government of Taita Taveta Dr. Catherine Mwamuzi who pointed out that the new county government has a special focus on the youth and skills development. Echoing the new Governor’s development plans, she promised a deeper engagement and financial support to youth startups in the county.
Mr. Abok Dodo, a teacher and Patron at Mwambiti Boys and one of the participants, said the experience was eye opener and necessary offered valid lessons.
Evelyn Mghendi, an IT student at Taita Taveta University said all the sessions were very relevant and hoped to apply lessons learnt at her ventures.
Hilton Kivinga from Wundanyi in the idea stage of his start-up said this was indeed one of the best events he has attended at Sote hub since joining as a member.
Rogim Designs , one of the startups at the Hub , co-founder Gift Mtambo, was keen to point out that he will definitely implement lots of the security issues addressed right away as it is necessary  for the current as well as future ventures.
David Ogiga, encouraged various corporates and organisations to partner with the Hub in the subsequent events since it is a great way to connect with the community, introduce and promote their products or services or be part of building a great future for the youth.
We can’t wait for the November edition. If you would like to speak, sponsor or be part of Edition two of StartUpFireUp November, kindly send us an email at We look forward to welcoming you.


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