What a week!!! This becomes the first event hosted Sote Hub in 2015 and perhaps the last. The 3 day camp was from 14th to 16th on December 2015.The instructor none other than Cornelius Ngondo from Moringa School of Coding in Nairobi one of Sote Hub amazing partners. A total 14 techies attended. What an experience!!

Day one was about introduction to HTML and CSS languages. Members were taught how to make amazing websites using HTML and CSS. It was an interactive session with members actively asking for clarification were they did not comprehend. During the afternoon session members tested the skills learnt designing various websites.

Day two Cornelius introduced the members to an even better and easier way of using the languages in website designing. This was use of frameworks and links which proved to be very effective in website designing.

During the afternoon session, the members were given an assignment to decode the Delani website. Ninety percent of the members were able to finish the assignment successfully. Robert Mburu, one of the members, volunteered to give us an overview of how he did his decoding.

On day three members were not more outgoing and ready to go deeper. They introduced to Java and Android. Later on the members did a lot of practice and designed good websites. Very interesting stuff indeed.
The event has proved to be fruitful with over ninety percent positive response. One of the PR and Design Start Ups in the Hub, Rogim designs couldn’t hide their joy. They see a brighter future with better products for their clientele. Merry Christmas everyone, Please join us from 4th January 2016 for more exciting stuff. I can’t wait.

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