Sote ICT


Have you ever felt an excruciating passion for something at a point in life?

The one thing which makes you feel happy?

That’s the exact feeling I had when I joined the Sote ICT team. I knew that this was like an ink drop in the sea, a chance in a life time.

I must confess working with this team has been the greatest thing in my life. Visiting and training the students in the school was even more exciting. Seeing the joy in a student’s face after having understood or learnt something new is one of the things which gives me the motivation to keep going on.

On the 13th to 15th of January 2016 my colleague, Gift Mtambo , and I visited Kasigau Girls , which also happens to be a new school in the Sote ICT project. We were doing a training on basic ICT skills. The girls were a bit raw but fast learners to

The whole experience was exciting. The joy portrayed on the faces of the students gives me the motivation to move on. It’s a life changing scenario, a legacy in the making. I can’t wait to visit more schools!

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