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The world today looks for solutions to the youth unemployment. In Kenya for example, 81 percent of workers are employed in the informal sector and jobs for young people are scarce and fragile. On the 21st and 22nd of May 2016, Sote Hub welcomed visitors and friends from UN Habitat and Kiambu County for a tour and benchmarking of our project. This team was led Grace Lubaale and Mutinta Munyati from UN Habitat on one hand and Marie Mugo Chief Officer in Kiambu County.

UN Habitat is the lead agency within the UN system for coordinating activities in the field of human settlement development. It serves as the focal point for monitoring progress on implementation of the Habitat Agenda and also plays an important role in providing technical assistance to countries and cities in the areas of urban governance, housing, environmental management, disaster mitigation, post-conflict rehabilitation, urban safety, water management and poverty reduction.

Lucia Muthoni, the P.R and outreach officer took the nine visitors through activities and programs of the Hub from establishment to date. Started as an ICT project for rural schools, Sote Hub is perhaps Kenya’s first rural based incubator that serves both graduates and the general public. Our approach to equip young learners with practical job and business skills is our solution to high youth unemployment in Kenya and in particular target the rural areas which is deficient of such opportunities. The guests had loads of questions leading to great brainstorming session and in particular possibilities to scale to Kiambu County.

During the two days, there were great presentations from five of the start-ups namely Rogim designs,

Re-Afrika, E-Bike, Hub31 and Kaunti 24/7

Sote Hub is looking forward to scaling this project to Kiambu County through partnership with UN Habitat.

Lucia making a presentation
This project is made possible through Slovak Aid and Pontis Foundation funding support.

To be part of this great project, please contact us at info@sotehub.com.

To learn about UN Habitat Programs in Kenya visit http://unhabitat.org/kenya/

To learn more about our project, please visit https://www.sotehub.com

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