Sote hub organized a series of training to prepare startups with essential financial modeling skills that they require in their business venture.

On the 27th of June we had training on budgeting and its importance Jennifer Mkombola from Masinde Muliro university.

The training went on successfully a good number of startups attended and they were at least able to acquire some of the required business skills to sustain them in the startup progress.

Our every session was accompanied a participatory session where every startup was able to come up with their budgeting assisted Jennifer.

Training took place on 1st of July on financial progression for all startups the same case it was backed up another test for the startups .the training covered a large field on balance sheet and other accounts

Our final took place on the 4th of July it was a training on income statements and making sales the training was collectively successful a good number of startups attended and gained allot of skills throughout the sessions it was an interactive session allot of questions asked the startups showed their interest in succeeding. We are currently looking forward to send them a feedback form for them to fill in to atleast know their view on the training and their suggestions

The training ended with a session where startups were exposed to pitching techniques Harry Mwailengo, startups had a chance to practice how to pitch. However, they had agreed that they need to practice to master the art of pitching.

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