Sote Hub New partnership with VSO

January 2018– Voluntary Service Organization (VSO) and Sote Hub, both, dedicated drivers of the youth agenda, signed a partnership this year, aimed at collaborative empowerment programs in Coast region.

VSO with a presence in over 12 countries across Europe, Asia and Arica, launched in Kenya in the late 90’s, and has since spread it wings in 6 counties, Taita Taveta being one of them.  With a special focus on the young people, VSO operates in cycles in which  a crop of youth especially within the tertiary levels of education are  sent to communities and projects  to provide voluntary services in social economic  programs .

Sote Hub grows startups from rural schools and set up the first business incubator in rural Kenya, Taita Taveta. The program today supports over 12,000 students in 26 schools and technical training institutes in Taita Taveta and Kwale.

The two organizations entered into a three year partnership that will see them work on joint initiatives   in imparting entrepreneurship and employability skills to rural poor youth at the Coast.

Joyce Peshu, the Project Manager of The VSO Taita Taveta Chapter expressed her joy regarding the partnership. ‘’We consider this a major milestone in Taita Taveta, finding the right people and organization to work with will accelerate our impacts in Taita.”

Sote Hub Director, David Ogiga noted VSO provides a perfect partner with an impressive track record globally making a difference in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. This partnership enriches our programs.’’

Cultural Exchange

Molly Ross, the team leader from UK appreciated the engagements her team have had on and off field with several visits to some Sote ICT schools. A supportive staff, friendly students and the communities’ goodwill have been key in forming a great environment.

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