Sote Tech Queens Hold Successful Ladies in Tech Workshop

The anticipated women in tech workshop organized Sote Tech Queens was a huge success.

All speakers, interestingly all alumni of Strathmore University opted for an interactive session to an audience composed of previous graduates and start up founders.

Martin Tarus a software engineer spoke about his personal and professional background and the upheaval it took to be where he is today as a person and business wise. Key in his message was that it was about time the stereotype of ladies can’t make it Tech and business, be forgotten.

Deep in his presentation he reminded the ladies of the innumerable opportunities at stake that can only be achieved through sheer determination.

Collins Oduor a cyber-security expert centered on challenges around social media platforms and best practices on the use of those platforms for business.


He emphasized on the need to keep it offline if it’s not worth sharing and regular change of passwords and considering two factor authentication as a precaution.

After the morning break, Terry Macharia spoke on ladies struggles in education, business, family and relationships.

She encouraged the ladies to take what’s rightfully theirs. “You have to start down and you have to fight for your place” She said as she recounted her journey since gaining interest in tech, up through campus and into the boardrooms.

She reminded the ladies to invest in self, surround self with competent men and to watch out for opportunities and most importantly always Accept themselves as self as they are.

“At the center of everything do it for yourself” she advised.

Sote Hub welcomes your ideas for the next workshop or volunteer to host or organize the next event.

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