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Startup Fire-up Event

Sote Hub is turning out as the place to be. On 18h of November, they hosted three great women speakers, Margaret Ondeng, a Software Engineer and Coordinator of StartUp Africa in Kenya, Irene Opondo of KPMG East Africa and Charlotte De Ridder Co-founder Yusudi.

If you were to come up with a product, how would you build it in a way that people will buy it? Startups are about building, testing and learning. Getting to hear customer’s feedback and then rebuilding it repeatedly in a lean startup. Margaret Ondeng broke it all down. In smaller focused groups, we ideated, wrote down and asked our “customers’’ for feedback and tweaked models. It was a lively activity and trust me learning is a process. Some of the business ideas generated during the workshop will be joining Sote Hub incubator 2018.

Charlotte De Ridder, took us through branding and marketing. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Maybe a great logo. Or the color palettes or even the graphics. It`s important to brand your business. Charlotte De Ridder demonstrated the importance of branding a business and how to market your business and self. Charlotte prides herself in building market strategies for a number of youth organizations including her own businesses.

And to wind up a great day was Irene Opondo a forensic technology expert. Irene shared with us all about Cyber-forensics and Ethical Hacking and reasons why we need to change our passwords from time to time, why your company can fail or take off depending on data.

Ideation- Power of brainstorming sessions
Ideation- Power of brainstorming sessions

In the middle of this great workshop, His Excellency John Mruttu, former Governor Taita Taveta joined us through a one hour live video conference mentoring the young entrepreneurs on leadership and business and picking questions. The live streaming was Kutima Software led Francis Mwangola.  The first startup fireup event was in September featuring Chris Orwa of Brave Ventures, Collins Oduor of CyberPro and Frank Tamre Co-founder Moringa School of Coding.

You shouldn’t miss next edition coming in January 2018. Please book your place early.

By Carol Musyoka – Tech Blogger. You can catch me @ ZepharCarly on Twitter

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